Quickly Value Your Vehicle Trade-In Online with Volkswagen of Palatine

The search for a new car is exciting, but it often has car buyers wondering what to do with their old model. Well, you can make your car search easier and have fewer hassles selling your current vehicle by trading it in! Trading your vehicle is simple, and we have an online tool to help you find the value of your car in Palatine. Keep reading if you want to learn more about trading in your vehicle and why our dealership is the right place to do so!

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How to Get an Estimate of Your Vehicle's Value Online

The tool on this page is a secure form that is easy to follow for those that want to find their vehicle's value online, and it only takes a few minutes to complete. You can handle this vehicle value estimate entirely from the comfort of your own home, and it only takes some basic info about your model. We'll start with some contact info so that we can reach back out to with our offer.

From there, the info we'll need deals with your vehicle, so it may be helpful to have your car's paperwork ready. Items such as the make, model, mileage, and year will play the biggest role in determining your vehicle's value, but there are also sections for options in your model, its condition, and trim level. We'll use this info to compare your vehicle with similar models and what they went for, which lets us provide an estimate of what we'd give you for your vehicle!

Steps After Getting Your Vehicle's Trade-In Value

The number that this tool will give you is an estimate of what'd we offer for your vehicle, but it will be close to, if not below, what we would pay for your vehicle. To get our offer, schedule an in-person appraisal at our dealership. This won't take long, and filling out this form beforehand means even less time for our team member to complete the appraisal and get you an offer. We won't try to lowball you as all that does is waste time, so you can expect a fair offer for your vehicle and an enjoyable time selling it.

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Appraisal

If the online vehicle appraisal is around what you think is fair, there are a few ways to prep your vehicle for a sale near Arlington Heights. Getting a simple detail done or cleaning out your vehicle yourself is a great first step as it gives us a better idea of the condition. Even small things like getting wiper blades replaced and the oil changed can boost your vehicle's worth. It also helps to have your vehicle's maintenance records, owner's manual, the title, and other paperwork with you.

How to Complete a Vehicle Trade-in for a New Car

If you like our offer for your vehicle, we can easily help you finish the trade-in. We'll handle the paperwork for your car sale and can help you search through our new inventory to find the model right for you. Our finance team can also help you start the financing process, which you'll have a jump on because you already have your vehicle trade-in value, which can work similar to a down payment.

Contact Our Dealership About Trading in Your Vehicle Near Palatine

Trading in your vehicle comes with many benefits, and our team is happy to highlight those for you. If you have questions about this online form or how it can speed up selling your car near Des Plaines, just give us a call or stop by and spend some time checking out our wide range of new Volkswagen models for sale!